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Ram Janmabhoomi Temple being built on Ram Janmabhoomi is believed to be the birthplace of Rama (Avataar of Vishnu) by Hindus.

The original design for the Ram Temple was prepared in 1988 by the Sompura family of Ahmadabad,Gujarat. The Sompuras have been part of the temple design of over 100 temples all over the world for at least 15 generations.

A new design for Ram temple with some changes from the original design was prepared by the Sompuras in 2020. The temple will be 235 feet wide, 360 feet long and 161 feet high following the ‘Nagara’ style architecture.

The temple complex will have a Prayer Hall, a Ramkatha Kunj (Lecture Hall), a Vaidik Pathshala (Educational Facility), a Sant Niwas (Saint’s Residence) and a Yatri Niwas (Hostel For Visitors) and other facilities like a Museum and a Cafeteria.

A model of the proposed temple was showcased during the Prayag Kumbh Mela in 2019.

Pic is the sample architectural design of this temple.

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